Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1 - 3 Questions

 1. Who is Phulan and whom is she supposed to marry? Who is Shabanu and whom is she going to marry?

2.  What does it mean to be “people of the wind”?  How long has it been since they have seen rain?

3. How does the author make the setting come alive?  What descriptions stood out to you?  List page numbers and write descriptive phrases and words.

4. Who is Gulguband? What is he like and what makes him so special?

5. How does Shabanu save a camel?  What does this represent in the desert?  

6. They don’t have many natural resources to work with. How are they able to survive?

7. What do her actions during the camel fight represent?  Why is Dadi upset with her?

8. Does Shabanu identify more with Mama or Dadi?  Why do you think?  Do you think this will cause conflict?


  1. #1 Phulan is Shabanu's older sister. She is going to marry Hamir, their cousin. Shabanu is the main character. She is going to marry Murad, Hamir's brother.

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  3. #4 Gulguband is the dancing camel. What makes him special is that he dances and it is entertaining to watch. People pay Shabanu's family when he dances

  4. #2
    "People of the wind" means that you move a lot and you move where the wind "takes you". Where the wind takes you kind of means that you move when what you need, where you are is gone, so you have to move elsewhere. It has been almost 2 years since it rained last.

  5. #5 Shabanu saved the camel when she passed the mother camel surrounded by crows. Shabanu then realized the mther was giving birth but also dying. She then realized that if the mother dies the baby would to so she then helped the mother give birth even though the mother camel was almost dead. Shabanu also kept the camel and named it Mithoo. This event represents that life in the desert is hard even for animals. It also means that some animals get hurt by other prey at their vulnerable times. So if they live in the desert they have to be careful and watch their surroundings a lot.

  6. #7 I think that her actions were brave to go up to camels that are so much bigger than her and her dad is upset because she was yelling and trying to get them apart and she was not obeying her dad. And farther into the chapter men are looking for a girl who was disobeying them by running away from home then shabanu's father tells her that once they find the girl they are going to kill her for disobeying her family.

  7. #6 Shabanu's family survives by digging cisterns to collect rain water to drink, they also bath and drink from the the toba. They live in a small house made of mud and sticks and they collect wood to make a fire so they can keep warm and they can cook their food.

  8. #3 p.16 The author makes the setting frustrating and on edge. You can tell Shabanu is working really hard and barely knows what to do.